Source code for evcouplings.utils.config

Configuration handling

.. todo::

    switch ruamel.yaml to round trip loading
    to preserver order and comments?

  Thomas A. Hopf

import ruamel.yaml as yaml

[docs]class MissingParameterError(Exception): """ Exception for missing parameters """
[docs]class InvalidParameterError(Exception): """ Exception for invalid parameter settings """
[docs]def parse_config(config_str, preserve_order=False): """ Parse a configuration string Parameters ---------- config_str : str Configuration to be parsed preserve_order : bool, optional (default: True) Preserve formatting of input configuration string Returns ------- dict Configuration dictionary """ try: if preserve_order: return yaml.load(config_str, Loader=yaml.RoundTripLoader) else: return yaml.safe_load(config_str) except yaml.parser.ParserError as e: raise InvalidParameterError( "Could not parse input configuration. " "Formatting mistake in config file? " "See ParserError above for details." ) from e
[docs]def read_config_file(filename, preserve_order=False): """ Read and parse a configuration file. Parameters ---------- filename : str Path of configuration file Returns ------- dict Configuration dictionary """ with open(filename) as f: return parse_config(f, preserve_order)
[docs]def write_config_file(out_filename, config): """ Save configuration data structure in YAML file. Parameters ---------- out_filename : str Filename of output file config : dict Config data that will be written to file """ if isinstance(config, yaml.comments.CommentedBase): dumper = yaml.RoundTripDumper else: dumper = yaml.Dumper with open(out_filename, "w") as f: f.write( yaml.dump(config, Dumper=dumper, default_flow_style=False) )
[docs]def check_required(params, keys): """ Verify if required set of parameters is present in configuration Parameters ---------- params : dict Dictionary with parameters keys : list-like Set of parameters that has to be present in params Raises ------ MissingParameterError """ missing = [k for k in keys if k not in params] if len(missing) > 0: raise MissingParameterError( "Missing required parameters: {} \nGiven: {}".format( ", ".join(missing), params ) )